how to double your income with simple, well-placed advertising

“Those banners worked great. OVer the last twelve months, income for the department doubled. Now we just need to keep pushing!”

Simon, Activity Facilitator, St Crispoin’s Retirement Village

As a charity it can be hard to justify spending out on marketing materials. But, in this modern world of ours, it seems charities are increasingly having to find ways to bring in bits of income to help support their work – and retirement villages are no different.

Within St Crispins Retirement Village there is an excellent little gym with cardio equipment, a sauna and a jacuzzi. And it’s open to the public. But, the thousands of residents within walking distance didn’t know that this was the case! We were approached by the team to make ‘a banner’ to promote the gym.

What we came up with was actually 4 banners. With a crisp, professional look that any gym would be delighted with we put forwards this idea (that is, better 3 more banners than planned) because we knew two things:

1. Variety works – for the hundreds of cars that drive past the front of the village each day, having the same banner out month-after-month is just not a winner. But something different will help the brain pick out the banner from the thousands of other things their sub conscious might see.

2. You can’t get everything the gym ‘sells’ onto one banner. So we split it out – selling on ‘low-cost gym membership’, the friendly atmosphere (to try not to attract certain types of people looking for weights that aren’t present at the gym), the jacuzzi and the sauna… we even picked up on the January ‘new year’, ‘fresh start’ trend.

Over the next twelve months, income doubled at the gym, and usage stats were higher than this. We’re continuing to support the team at St Crispin’s – helping the use something of commercial value to deliver a level of care to the elderly that is a rare find.