the wedding photographer’s website that all the others wedding photographers are jealous of

“Just a little token of my gratitude… after the late nights and early mornings creating my masterpiece for me. You understood everything and totally captured my personality in website form – the results are amazing. Thank you!”

Hannah Hall, Award-Winning Wedding Photographer

We love Hannah. Her passion for life, photography and people is astounding. We were super excited for her to come back to us for a big website update in late 2016. We had already helped her get a really, really good looking website together in 2015 – but she had gone through a bold and exciting rebrand. In short, she had found her target market, and wanted to hit it hard.

The brief, in brief. Interactive, exciting, off-putting to the customers she DOESN’T want.

We left Hannah with a site that is really eye-catching, memorable and a little different. Yes, there are the beautiful images splattered on every page (and so there should be… just look at them!), but there’s also bold use of bright colours, and an all-round adaptation of the brand guidelines to the site – hence the striking geometric shapes you’ll see overlaying images.

We can’t say enough how much we enjoy working with Hannah and her exceptional website. Have a look for yourself at www.hannahhallphotography.co.uk.