Bret Hart Net Worth, Early Life, Career [2023]

Bret Hart Net Worth

When you think of professional wrestling, Bret Hart immediately comes to mind. Hart is considered one of the most accomplished wrestlers ever because of his remarkable technical talents and prowess. The question is, how did Bret Hart amass such a large net worth in the first place? This article will explore Hart’s formative years, significant professional and personal experiences, critical professional and personal accomplishments, real estate portfolio, personal life, and lasting legacy.

Bret Hart net worth

The current estimation of Bret Hart net worth is $7 million. Wrestling has been a great source of income for him, in addition to royalties and endorsement deals. As one of the best wrestlers ever, his wealth will continue to rise.

Early Life

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on July 2, 1957, Bret Hart comes from a family of wrestlers. His father, Stu Hart, became famous for his underground wrestling gym, which he called The Dungeon.
Bret was the eighth of eleven children and spent his youth fighting with his brothers and sisters at the family house.

Bret Hart Net Worth
Drawing on his family’s experience in the sport, Bret began training at an early age and became a well-known amateur wrestler while attending Ernest Manning High School.
After graduating from Mount Royal College to become a filmmaker in the mid-1970s, Bret instead decided to exhibit his fantastic wrestling abilities for Stampede Wrestling the following year.


After his father’s promotion to WWF, Bret’s professional wrestling career took off, ushering in the New Generation Era. With help from the Hart Foundation and Jim Neidhart, he rose to prominence at this time as the brand’s public face.
Bret perfected his gimmick and signature style as a part of a tag team, which led to the creation of the moniker “Excellence in Execution.” Later in his career, he was able to add the Intercontinental Championship to his Tag Team Championship.

Bret won the title by beating Ric Flair in a bout that wasn’t seen on television. But things got worse for him once he got into an argument with Shawn Michaels. After the infamous Montreal Screwjob, WCW made him an offer that put his worth beyond question. After some deliberation, Vince McMahon suggested that Bret sign with WCW, promising that in his last match, Bret would be victorious against Shawn Michaels.

When that plan went awry, it was one of the most thrilling moments in wrestling history. Bret also had a wrong time working for WCW because Goldberg constantly stomped on Hart, causing him to have concussions and eventually be fired.
Bret retired in 2000 but has made many appearances in WWE after making amends with Vince in 2005. Even though he signed a contract in 2009, he mainly returned because of the plot.

Charity Work

Bret Hart has contributed to several humanitarian causes throughout his life and career. He has given to and supported a wide variety of nonprofits. Among his many noteworthy endeavours is the “Bret Hart Foundation,” whose mission is to aid and comfort youngsters struggling with terrible diseases or other forms of hardship.

Hart has also participated in charity matches and other activities to raise money for good causes. Bret Hart has shown he is dedicated to giving back to the community and utilising his wealth and influence for good. However, the specifics and scope of his charitable initiatives may vary.

Personal Life

A biography of Bret Hart would only be complete by discussing his private life. Hart has Irish and Greek ancestry and is the eighth child of wrestling legend Stu Hart and his wife, Helen.

Bret Hart Net Worth
Bret Hart married Julie Smadu in July of 1982. They were together long enough to have four children but divorced in June 2002. Hart then wed Cinzia Rota in September 2004, but the couple divorced in 2007. Stephanie Washington, an African-American lady much younger than Hart, became his girlfriend in 2010.
The legendary wrestler has continued his legacy by becoming a grandpa via his offspring.

Real Estate

Hart has many properties, including a mansion in the Calgary area. There have been several attempts to sell this specific home. The property has an astonishing variety of luxuries for its asking price of $4.9 million, including 11 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a large indoor pool.


Bret Hart has a well-established, legendary status in professional wrestling. He became famous for his brilliant technical abilities, fascinating stories, and innate understanding of what his audience wanted. Numerous current wrestlers cite Hart as an inspiration, and his impact continues reverberating across the modern wrestling industry.
Furthermore, the wrestling community and critical establishments have recognised Hart’s importance. He was recently recognised in multiple halls of honour, including the WWE Hall of Awards, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, as well as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.


Without a doubt, Bret Hart is one of the greatest athletes in history. His charisma on the mat, technical prowess, and ability to draw large crowds made him a legend in the sport and an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers. Bret Hart success and net worth are an impressive testimony to the significance of his contributions to the business world. His influence on professional wrestling will last long after his death.