Why Keter Deck Box Scores High Marks From Gear Patrol, CEO Alejandro Pena Praises Both

Keter first rose to prominence thanks to its efforts in producing affordable, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing products. With manufacturing facilities located throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East, it is no surprise that Keter continues to garner further and further prominence as more consumers find their goods.

Spurred on by the work of CEO Alejandro Pena, Keter garnered lavish praise when it appeared in the Gear Patrol magazine for its placement atop the 2023 Home Awards season in the biannual release by the publication. The awards offered by the magazine are carefully doled out after extensive research that blends consumer insights with expert analysis.

Keter secured its 2023 Home Award for Best Deck Box thanks to the Keter Denali 200 Gallon Deck Box.

Meet the Denali Deck Box

Keter Group utilizes resin-based materials that are durable, long-lasting, and pleasing to look at. The Denali 200 Gallon Deck Box by Keter garnered rave reviews thanks to its aesthetic nature and the materials that make it perfect for round-the-clock outdoor use.

Built with 200 gallons of storage, the outdoor Denali storage box is ideal for storing home and garden decor, patio furniture, and pool accessories. With a convenient hatch that stays open while you dig around, you can rest assured that the Denali storage box offers safety features.

The Denali Deck Box is easy to clean and features instructions that have been nearly universally regarded as ‘hassle-free.’ Gray tones offer a professional finish that closely resembles stained wood, making it look much nicer than its very affordable price point.

The 2023 Home Awards delved into a variety of subjects, touching on outdoor home and garden goods, automobiles, and other such items.

How Keter Group Is Changing the Industry

Alejandro Pena was brought into the CEO position at Keter to help the company push its sustainability efforts to the next level. As a revered global leader in sustainable goods, Alejandro Pena has had to work around the clock to make sure that his efforts are yielding fruit.

Keter has helped to alleviate some of its recycling burdens by centralizing where manufacturing facilities are introduced. By focusing on a streamlined supply chain, Keter and CEO Alejandro Pena have been able to alleviate the burden of fuel waste, time waste, and other related sources of waste.

Alejandro Pena says of his team’s focus on recycling, “One of the benefits of using resin materials is that they can be recycled. It is important to understand that all Keter products can and should be recycled.”

Pena went on to add that his company was focused on improving its recycling endeavors by attempting to collect back waste materials after they left the factory.