Common Problems a Gilbert Garage Door Technician Can Fix

Gilbert, a town in Maricopa County, is the fifth-largest municipality in Arizona and the fourth-largest in the Phoenix metro area. As of July 2022, the town had a population of roughly 275,000. With such a population comes an increasing need for housing and transportation.

Though the town has buses, personal vehicles are still the preferred means of transportation. Caring for these vehicles is important to keep them in top condition. And one of the ways to maintain them is by parking them inside a garage.

Simple yet effective, garages provide solutions for a home’s storage and parking troubles. An important component of a garage is its doors. Poor maintenance of garage doors can often lead to issues. When this happens, it is important to call one of Gilbert’s garage door repair technicians.

This article lists some of the common issues you may face with garage doors. By the time you reach the end, you’ll be better equipped to know about the workings of your garage door.

The common problems every garage door will eventually come across are listed below. Each of these problems can be fixed by an expert technician.

  1. Door doesn’t open or close
  2. Motor runs but the door doesn’t move
  3. Noisy doors
  4. Inconsistent movement patterns
  5. Faulty switches

Garage door doesn’t open or close

Issues with door operation may indicate problems with other functions. One reason would be worn-out batteries. When your garage door doesn’t function, it’s best to check the batteries in the remote or keypad. Try replacing them to see whether the door functions normally. This is the only part of the problem where you don’t need a technician.

Other reasons why garage doors don’t function would be if the motor is disconnected from the power supply or if you have a faulty fuse. In situations like this, your best bet would be to call a technician.

Motor runs but the door doesn’t move

This issue occurs when the motor starts running when the buttons on the keypad or remote are pressed, but the doors don’t move. There are chances that this is happening because the limits are off.

In some cases, the belt may have been dislodged from the door. Installation of the belt may vary based on the system you have. To be on the safe side, it’s recommended to contact a qualified technician to reinstall the belt or inspect the limits.

Noisy doors

Doors generating noise when opening and closing are a symptom of more than 1 problem. Garage doors give out a squeaky noise when opening and closing if the lubrication in the rollers is worn out.

Another reason garage doors generate noise is when one or more components are loose. Tightening hardware that may have loosened, like nuts, screws, and bolts, may fix the issue.

Torsion spring issues are detected by a popping sound. These issues happen because the lubrication in the spring may have been used up.

All these need the hands of an expert technician to fix, especially the torsion spring issue. Torsion springs tend to shoot out of their slots when replaced, increasing the possibility of injuries.

Inconsistent movement patterns

Sometimes garage doors behave in an unexpected manner. They may move too slowly, pause midway, or be jammed in a particular spot. Usually, this issue occurs when something is lodged in the track of the garage door. Cleaning the track ought to fix the issue.

However, if the issue persists even after cleaning the track, odds are, you have a faulty motor. You’ll need a technician to repair or replace a garage door motor.

Faulty switches

Although most garage doors come with a remote control, there are some that still use a keypad. If your garage door keypad doesn’t work, the first course of action is to check the batteries. Check whether the batteries still have life in them. If not, replace them and try again.

If replacing the batteries didn’t fix your issue, you may be dealing with a faulty antenna, or your keypad may need reprogramming. In such instances, it’s wise to call a professional to save time and get the issue resolved right away.

Though not a comprehensive list, the issues listed in this article are some of the more common ones that garage doors are susceptible to. Learning more about the issues will ensure that you are better equipped when you face problems with your garage door.